Welcome to the Synaptics ASTRA SDK documentation.
欢迎阅读Synaptics ASTRA SDK文档。如需更深入的信息,请参阅以下文件:

Getting Started快速入门

This guide explains in a few words how to get started with the Synaptics Astra SDK
本指南简要介绍了如何开始使用Synaptics Astra SDK

Astra Yocto Linux User GuideAstra Yocto Linux用户指南

This guide serves as an introductory manual for users, providing a high-level overview of software usage, system components, multimedia, audio, graphics, security, connectivity, and SyNAP, along with example commands and references to detailed guides, ideal for initial system usage with a prebuilt image.
本指南是用户的入门手册,提供了软件使用、系统组件、多媒体、音频、图形、安全、 连接和SyNAP的高级概述,以及示例命令和详细指南的参考,非常适合预构建映像的初始系统使用。

Astra Yocto Linux Developer GuideAstra Yocto Linux开发人员指南

This guide provides detailed instructions on building custom images with Yocto, including code downloading and building, package management, image customization, and SDK package generation for development, serving as a comprehensive resource for users aiming to construct custom images.
本指南提供了有关使用Yocto构建自定义映像的详细说明,包括 用于开发的代码下载和构建,包管理,映像定制和SDK包生成,是旨在构建自定义版本映像用户的综合资源。

Astra Machina Eval PlatformAstra Machina评估平台

This guide contains hardware specification, features, and interfaces.

SDK Release NotesSDK发布说明

This guide contains a summary of new features, improvements, bug fixes, and known issues in the latest version of the Synaptics Astra SDK.
本指南概述了最新版本Synaptics Astra SDK的新功能、改进、错误修复和已知问题。

External Documentation外部文档

SyNAP DocumentationSyNAP文档

This guide explains in depth how to use the SyNAP toolkit and the SyNAP runtime API.

Yocto Project DocumentationYocto项目文档

Official documentation of the Yocto project.